Fowy Food B.V. is nominated for the fastest growing
companies 2012 in The Netherlands.

Fowy Food B.V. is nominated for the FD Gazellen (Financial Times Gazellen) in the province Gelderland, in the category Food products & General merchants. Fowy Food B.V. is proud to be a FD Gazelle, a nomination for one of the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands.


Not just everyone receives a FD Gazellen nomination. There is a number of strict conditions which a company must meet to qualify. To compete for the FD Gazellen companies need to be financially healthy, need a three-year sales growth of at least 20% on books and have suffered no losses.

The reviews are based on the Graydon database, this consists of 2 million active Dutch companies and is maintained daily. Sales figures, annual figures and payment behaviour are key items for these reviews.

Reaction "Board of directors Fowy Food B.V."

This nomination is a beautiful confirmation of the relationship and the way of trading with our customers and suppliers. Fowy Food B.V. is and remains a reliable partner with passion in the Food products & General merchants industry. Partly because of our fast and flexible service we are trading successfully together with our customers and suppliers. We will of course continue to deliver these core company values in order to preserve our trusted partner status.

Regarding FD Gazellen

Despite the economic tide, there are 350 companies included in the FD Gazellen rankings. This is 45% more than last year. With these awards the Financial Times (Financieel Dagblad) and Graydon shows the fastest growing top-notch business in The Netherlands. The FD Gazellen are divided into three categories and 12 provinces. It is the ninth year the Financial Times organizes this election in collaboration with Graydon.

Company profile Fowy Food B.V. by Graydon


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