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From the beginning, in 1903, St John Harmsworth positions Perrier's little - and decidedly French - bottle as a high-end product to entice British consumers.

The gentleman of Vergeze highlights the water's virtues - elegance, festiveness - and presents Perrier as the "champagne des eaux de table"("champagne of table water"). The slogan is apt, and Perrier is soon appointed "Purveyor by appointment to his Majesty". Since 2000 the Perrier brand has sparkled in new formats to quench all thirsts in all circumstances.
website: www.perrier.com

Royal Club

Royal Club is a stylish international brand of high quality, with a wide range of products. The bitter mix range is mainly drunk by adults who rate taste at its true value. Royal Club has extended the brand in: Royal Club Cassis, Royal Club Ginger Ale, Royal Club Tonic, Royal Club Bitter Lemon, Royal Club Shandy, Royal Club Soda Water and the Royal Club Orange. "ROYAL REFRESHMENT!"

Fruits de Pays

Fruits de Pays contains 100% fruit juices, a lot of vitamins and does not contain any additional sugar. Fruits de Pays is available in 25 cl cans and in the flavours orange and apple juice.

  • Orange juice: 25 cl can, Language: Dutch/English/French
  • Apple juice: 25 cl can, Language: Dutch/English/French