Dove helps you to enjoy your own brand of beauty. Dove provides a wide range of cleansing and personal care products that make a genuine difference to the condition and feel of your skin and hair.

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Palmolive has compiled a unique selection of attractive products in Europe and throughout the world, exclusively for you. Here you can find the perfect product for a few hours of indulgent splendid relaxation.
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Discover the invigorating freshness of Fa Shower Gel a unique combination of gentle cleansing, moisturizing and exotic fragrance.Moisturizer lamesoft for smooth and silky skin.
With its creamy rich leather Fa Shower Gel cleanses without drying out, A rich moisturizer hydrates your skin, leaving it supple and refreshed. ph skin neutral.

Dermatological proven skin compatibility. Exotic fragrance for your senses. Enjoy the sensuously refreshing Fa Tropical Breeze with its aromatic-flowery fragrance.

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