Chocolates and Confectionary


As one of the leading confectionery players in International Travel Retail (ITR), Mars can be found all over the globe. MARS©, M&M's©, CELEBRATIONS©, TWIX©, ORBIT© and JUICY FRUIT© .. You are certain to recognize at least one of these leading brands. The brands have been successfully marketed around the world for decades, with a lot more to come. On this website, you find a taste of their products.

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Duc d'O

Duc d'O is chocolate as we all like it best: made with only natural ingredients, home-made according to tried and tested recipes and subject to strict quality controls. We take trouble over our products because we're choosy ourselves. Belgian Chocolates, in all their forms be they Pralines, Truffles or Sea-Shells, are a matter of national pride.

Duc d'O aims to spread the message worldwide. Some 85% of our production is now intended for export. We are known in 60 countries. You might call us the imperialists of the chocolate world, but ours is a noble endeavour. Because we believe in our chocolate.
website: www.ducdo.com


Pez, the company that has brought a sparkle to the eyes of children the world over for decades. Continually new and more varied products mean more fun and place everyone in its spell!
Collectors are in contact with each other around the globe, in order to extend their collections.

The secret behind PEZ, as well as what new developments there are, will be revealed to you after contacting us.
website: www.pez.com


Throughout history chocolate has been associated with romance and sharing. Today the richness and smoothness of Cadbury chocolate is what makes it one of the world's favourite treats.

Discover everything here that you want to know about Cadbury and chocolate, from historical facts to delicious recipes. You will also find facts about our exciting new products such as Cadbury Snaps and Cadbury Dairy Milk Wafer.
website: www.cadbury.com


Starbrook is a high class Belgium Chocolate assortment with one of the most exclusive packings as available. Today Starbrook Airlines is a good performer on all new and existing markets. Our growth was about 30% on the latest sales balance. At Belgian Sky shops - Brussels Airport we tripled sales again in 2004. At British Airways we became chocolate performer no. 1 in three months and we still are. Delta Airlines clients are very charmed with our products. Harrods is pleased with Starbrook sales.
website: www.starbrook-airlines.com


Toblerone is an outstanding example of brand uniqueness. With its one-of-a-kind triangular shape, its peaks, its packaging and its name, it has achieved very high recognition throughout the world.
You must be wondering how Toblerone came to have such a unique shape and distinctive name.
website: www.toblerone.com

Nestle Confectionary

The story of chocolate began in the New World with the Mayans, who drank a dark brew called cacahuaquchtl. Later, the Aztecs consumed chacahoua and used the cocoa bean for currency. In 1523, they offered cocoa beans to Cortez, who introduced chocolate to the Old World, where it swiftly became a favourite food among the rich and noble of Europe.
Now these days Neslte offers a wide range of high quality chocolate confectionary.

Fowy Food B.V. is proud to be able to offer this range to selected area in the world. Please contact our export department for possibilities.


The Dutch producer of confectionery with pectin, covered with pure chocolate (Chocolate Orange Jellies) or fine sugar (Assorted Fruit Jellies).
Donkers also produces confectionery with liqueur inside (Jamaica Rumbeans), products based on gelatin (Jelly Gumballs) and a big variety of seasonal products.
The Donkers assortment can be supplied in various packing. From 200, 300 to 400 gram consumer packing to bulk packing up to 5 KG

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Lonka NV was founded in Breda (the Netherlands) in 1920. Originally as Lonca, a contraction of London Caramel Works. In 1930 a second factory was established in Essen (Belgium). In 1965 the factory in Breda was closed and the entire production relocated to Essen. During this period, the company produced mainly caramel, toffee and hard sweets.

In 1997 the company Lonka NV was taken over by the De Bock family. Since then Lonka has been a family business operating internationally and independently. A great deal has been invested in the market and in machines and in product innovation.


Ferrero is a true family-run success story. A third generation of Ferrero sons have joined their father and continue to operate under the same basic principles that gave Ferrero its start in Alba over 50 years ago. With global sales growing in country after country, Ferrero is today one of the largest confectionery companies in the world.

The Ferrero Family continues to delight its global consumers with a seemingly inexhaustible line of unique, high-quality products, not only in the spread and candy aisles, but also in the bakery and beverage sections.


Autodrop has a large assortment of typically Dutch drop candy with a very attractive packing.
More and more export markets are discovering this delicious candy. Autoprop is already exported to many markets in Europe, Middle East and the U.S.

Fowy Food B.V. is pleased to offer this attractive product for the Asian market. Export sales have proved that this assortment is ready to be exported world wide. Please feel free to contact us for any requests. We are please to send you full detailed information.

Liquorice / Fruitgum / Foam mixes - Transwrap bags

Liquorice / Fruitgum / Foam mixes - Boxes

Cavendish & Harvey

Cavendish & Harvey produces a wide range of high quality confectionary in a very attractive packing. Glass jars, tins and carton packing is available in this assortment.
Due to the large variety of flavours and products, Cavendish & Harvey is suitable item for your assortment.

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website: Cavendish & Harvey