Biscuits and Wafers


Merba cookies are the most delicious cookies in the world. It's the largest producer of high quality chocolate-chip cookies in Europe. Merba cookies are sold in more than 55 countries all over the world.
Merba produces a range of American style cookies as well as traditional Dutch cookies. Mix of items into 1 FCL is possible so you can ship the complete assortment for introduction.


Throughout history chocolate has been associated with romance and sharing. Today the richness and smoothness of Cadbury chocolate is what makes it one of the world's favourite treats.

Discover everything here that you want to know about Cadbury and chocolate, from historical facts to delicious recipes. You will also find facts about our exciting new products such as Cadbury Snaps and Cadbury Dairy Milk Wafer.
website: www.cadbury.com


Bolletje Bakeries from Holland produces high quality bakery products.
With a large assortment of biscuits and healthy snacks (all products can be find on the website of Bolletje), we can offer the complete assortment of products. Due to constant innovation the Bolletje assortment, we can offer products demanded by your customers.

Please feel free to contact us for all possibilities.
website: www.bolletje.nl


Haust is one of the leading European brands for production of toast products. Haust is producing toast since 1825.
Due to constant innovation the actual line of toast products appertain to the best quality in the world.

Fowy Food can offer this complete brand in a mix of different products. Due to the wide range of toast products, this brand is a must in your assortment. We can guarantee a high quality product with an excellent taste.
website: www.continentalbakeries.com


Fowy Food offers a complete line of high quality Dutch produced biscuits. Due to the large assortment of Brink products you are able to offer you customers' good sales opportunities.
Please, contact us for more (product) information and assortment.

Fox's Biscuits

Fox's Biscuits manufactures a wide range of premium quality biscuits, with brands including Rocky, Classic and Echo. It also produces a range of products under character licensing, including The Simpsons.

Fox's has three factories, at Batley in West Yorkshire, Kirkham near Blackpool and at Uttoxeter in Staffordshire and distribution centres in Wakefield and Uttoxeter.
website: www.foxs-biscuits.co.uk

LU Danone

Created by Louis Lefevre-Utile in 1886 in Nantes, LU quickly became one of the greatest success stories of the French food industry, thanks to "Petit-Beurre LU". In 1978, LU became No 3 in 1986 Lu became a member of Danone group.

Fowy Food B.V. can offer you the complete line of biscuits from the Lu Danone assortment.
All your order will be freshly produced in Herentals Belgium, with a capacity of 100.000 tons of biscuit a year. We ship all fresh produced products directly from Antwerp or Rotterdam.
Please feel free to contact us for possibilities.

Spitz wafers and rolls

For all nibblers! Spitz is the brand for connoisseurs who like to be spoiled at the very highest level. With Amigo wafer snack, Spitz has produced a true recipe for success.
Individually packed, they are the perfect snack for on the road.

Fowy Food B.V. can offer you the complete line of Spitz wafers and rolls.
Please feel free to contact our export department for possibilities.
website: www.spitz.at


The Sultana biscuit was launched as a tea biscuit with raisins and currants, more than fifty years ago by Verkade.
Nowadays, Sultana offers a complete range of products to her consumers.
On the Dutch and the Belgian market this healthy IBM product holds the number one position as preferred IBM snack.

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Established in the 1870s, Delacre was first known for its Belgian chocolate.
Thanks to Charles Delacre's use of only the finest ingredients their reputation led to an appointment as purveyor to the Belgian Royal House in 1879.
In the 1890's the Maitres Patissiers of Delacre applied their 'Savoir Faire' to making fine biscuits covered with their own rich chocolate.

Soon their biscuits became so popular, Delacre began to produce them exclusively, with the same demanding quality standards that made their chocolate famous.

Please contact our export department for export possibilities and detailed information.