Italian Pasta assortment


Barilla presents all its products, pasta and sauces.

Moreover, several news and surprises not only as far as pasta is concerned, but even for the very best among DOC wines and typical regional products as welln for the very best among DOC wines and typical regional products as well.
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De Cecco

Since 1887 De Cecco has chosen only the best varieties of durum wheat. The grains are accurately cleaned and when nothing else but wheat is left, it is taken to the De Cecco mill for the milling.

Only with one's own mill is it possible to use fresh semolina flour. Through milling, all the outside layers are discarded and weath is "reduced" to its most noble part, the husk. After the milling, the semolina flour is kneaded with fresh spring water.

Once the kneading is bronze drawn the shapes of the De Cecco pasta come to life and then the drying process, which requires a long wait, begins. Unlike the past, today sun drying is no longer possible. However, this same result is achieved, but things must not be rushed.
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Pasta is an Italian product known all over the world and Pasta Zara is committed more than ever to keeping this resource of taste and flavour alive. Making quality synonymous with its activity. In all its aspects.

From company strategies to the final product. Having customers and consumers as its principal interlocutors. Pasta Zara produces dry and egg pasta characterised by excellent cooking resistance, a good weight increase, low sediment, a good strong appearance and absence of stickiness.
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Italian olive oil's history and production have roots that deepen in history, and Bertolli has always worked towards the preservation of these century-old values and traditions.

This is the secret of Bertolli olive oil: the Italian passion for life that the world has grown to appreciate.
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